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The Terminal-Window Based Integrated Development Environment
for your
Android Phone

Yes, that's right, now you can carry around your development environment on your Android phone!

Terminal IDE is a command line Java / Android dev kit that runs on the device itself in a NON-ROOTed environment! That's right, normal user permissions are enough (just like you thought they should be). It provides a basic Unix (Linux) environment, so those familliar with the power of these tools will find themselves right at home. Very importantly, it provides a full keyboard, notably lacking in the default Android environment - and oh so vital for a proper command-line experience.

Familliar tools of the unix environment include bash and most of the basic command-line features, vi / vim, ssh, rsync - there's even a functional sshd so you can log-in remotely! The ability to login to your Android phone is among the most powerful features of this environment, right along side the ability to login to other remote computers from your Android phone!

Some of the features of Terminal-IDE - this is far from a complete list:

This site is being created to help create a community, so those of us who care about Terminal-IDE can help each other. The organizing is, as of Spring, 2013, still in initial stages and we need help. What can you offer?

We need a volunteer to help us set up a community wiki on this server. If you can help us get it going, we need your help.

Until we get a proper wiki going, here are some additional links to get help: